TellTheBell - Taco Bell Customer Survey and Feedback

With the fast-paced lifestyle that people all around the world have today, fast food has been a life-saver for many. Fast food usually had a particular, almost typical cuisine of American food like hamburgers and French fries but taco bell took forward the Mexican cuisine in the world of fast food. Originally, the founder started out as a hot-dog stall called Bell's Drive-In in San Bernardino. Enter the infamous Taco Bell survey after eating, or even without any purchase, for a chance to win one of 4 $500 check prizes every contest.

Though this chain of restaurants sells Mexican food, it was founded in the year 1962, in California. In just the span of five years, the brand grew by leaps and bounds and opened a hundred new branches all over the United States. Initially, Tellthebell Survey was only a walk-in stall with no indoor seating, nor a drive-thru service. In 1970, it went public and opened a total of 375 restaurants fully functioning.


Mainly focusing on Mexican food and holding on to its origin of being a ‘fast-food’ restaurant, taco bell has a large variety of options for Non-vegetarian, Vegetarian and even Vegan customers. The unique selling point of this chain of restaurants was that it was fairly healthier than the rest of the fast-food options available to the public. Using fresh vegetables and meat, the brand quickly grew its reputation of being the go-to fast-food chain for a “fit-foodie”.

Today, with restaurants all over the world, the menu varies from country to country. Just like most of the fast-food chains, it customizes the menu for each country based on the research done on the general eating-habits of the public of that country. For example, in India, Taco-Bell chooses to have more vegetarian options whereas, with the growing awareness of Veganism in the United States, they chose to put for Vegan options in their menu. Today it serves a variety of Mexican delicacies like Burritos, Quesadillas, Tacos, and Rice and Beans bowls.


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