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TIn our earlier posts you have learnt how to register and login to your irctc account. After that you have learnt how to book your tickets in Tatkal. Today I will tell you how can you check your seat status in case your ticket is not confirmed. You can check your Check IRCTC PNR Status. PNR is abbreviated as Passenger Name Record. It’s a 10 digit number is provided at the time of booking the tickets. With this PNR status, passenger can check the online whether their seats are confirmed or not.

How to check PNR Staus:
1. PNR status can be checked via many ways if you booked your train tickets from railway station your PNR number will be mentioned on the ticket.
2. If you booked your train ticket online or via IRCTC website you got SMS of ticket confirmation. On that SMS your PNR number will also mentioned.
3. You can check your PNR status via Online or SMS and by toll-free number of Indian Railway.

To check your PNR Status Online you can follow this method –
1. Login to your IRCTC account
2. click on the Booking Ticket History
3. Choose the Booking
4. Click on get PNR
5. You will get your PNR Status

There will be various abbreviations used in the PNR status which means are as follows –

To check your PNR status directly you can check here –

Check PNR Staus via SMS

• SMS Write PNR (space) 10 Digit PNR Number > then send it to 54959
• SMS Write PNR (space) 10 Digit PNR Number > then send it to 5676747
• SMS Write PNR (space) 10 Digit PNR Number > then send it to 139
• SMS Write IRPNR (space) 10 Digit PNR Number > then send it to 57886

For example: PNR 1234567890. Check your PNR Staus by Dialling Toll-Free Number. You can check your PNR Status via dialing 139. So, we have mentioned all the procedure to check the PNR status, from this you can check your seat availability, seat confirmation, train departure timings and so on. Visit for more info.


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